Leave it Go [EP]

by Sunday Guts

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TRACKS 1,2 & 4 Written by BK.
Track 3 Written by Vic Berger IV* and BK.

*aka Viral Vic, aka @BestBergerEver


released September 17, 2013

All music and programming by BK except for Organ Synths and Bass Guitar by Vic Berger IV.




Sunday Guts Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Alone in My Principles
I'm alone in my principles, I'm alone if the night's alive
I'll stay alone if someone wants me to
They come to teach me if they own a style
I'm alone in my principles, maybe register and copyright
Some ideas we'll never talk about
Some imaginary thoughts on life
Just show up in line with a one track mind
You'll know what I know - The phrase "Leave it Go"
Training wheels and traded Topps floating underground
Get wasted if you know just how
Lighting up the double dog-legged fairway round
I'm halfway to the underground
If it feels the raining stopped my paper route from drowning
The classified will dial me out
Kinda fading now, only energy to start a fight
Some ideas we'll never ay aloud
Some imaginary thoughts on life
Heaven's back from the dead again
Now redeem all the credit you have earned
With collectable, and when you're burned,
Start it all again.
Track Name: Hit for the Cycle
Hey, maybe we can hit for the cycle again
I'll take you along as friends
Each and every night, trying to top my high
Step away from the stereo
You're giving it too much rope
And after a little while, an inch will become a mile
You know it and so do I, a mirrorball in the aisle
A permanent runner up, Commissioner ends a tie
Taking the country kind
Taking the farmer's wife from the kitchen
And a tag on the toe
Getting rid of everything but my invisible
Homemade clothes
Fortunately, gotta get a redundant team
Some experience canvassing
Nobody will talk about, nobody will think out loud
Cry about our routine, shuffle around these themes
Whenever they're in my mind, our losses are cut and dry
And I should mention we force apprehension
Those will be details that we all agree on
And I don't want to budge
Track Name: Edge of the Universe
The people come from the edge of the universe
The people want what they already own
Set an alarm after everyone leaves tonight
Set an alarm, but you're never alone
The people pray for an easier way to live
That's why their things are worth
Their weight in gold
If you're disappointed claim yourself as a victim
Ya point your finger, turn around and go home
Take one, take two, take them all
Oh, how the entitled will fall
They're selling it right, we demonize any greed at all
Forfeit or fight, if you decide to make that call.
But ho, all the ease is too sweet.
The people weep when they don't get a second try
Who would fight for a crown and a thrown
If you got to where you wanted by doing right
How does it look, how do you know
The people fall but they don't want to fall behind
Work hard, but not to the bone
Have a heart, tell them all you're superior
But I believe in no Holy Ghost
Little ride and we're headed downtown
Maybe the history's what's bringing them out
Get your fare ready, look who's driving the bus
Big time and you're speeding around
New material, feeling it out
What you pay for your share is more than enough
If you wander to the edge of the universe
You will find there's nothing at all
There's no reason or incentive to fail and try again
They've got it all, why leave home?
Track Name: Do You Want to be Famous?
Can we make our own time? Can we take it to go?
This is all that we care for, and it's all we know
Every sound is the same, and the key doesn't change
You can always identify from a mile away
And if you're not familiar, go and hear all you want
Why put in effort, if your friends have not?
It's alright to play easy, but it's not like it's
Turning around, how does it even sound? I'm left out.
The little we try, because a little we know
It's not like we're helpless, but it's not for show
Caravan kerosene, should we carry receipts?
Selling all of these items, they're within our reach
If you get to a million, do we write it all down?
An electrical circus in a neighboring town
Then we empty the bleachers, and
It feels like they're turning around
How do they think that sounds? I'm left out
You can tell all your friends. You can go on the phone
You can help out the team near the end zone
If you follow the rules, it'll take a long time
Tie up the loose ends, help us read your mind
And if you're not familiar, go and hear all you want
Why put in effort, if your friends have not?
Do you want to be famous? It's not like it's
Turning around, how does it even sound
I'm sick, I'm turned around, I'm left out.